Soft Cedar Performing Arts Society
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Presenting work on all three of The Cultch’s stages, Soft Cedar will provide an opportunity for local musicians to present unforgettable concert experiences to their audiences. With access to intimate soft-seaters, a comprehensive technical inventory, and an in-house team of expert designers and technicians, the series removes the barriers artists face in realizing their performance ambitions.

Series producers Corbin Murdoch and Meghan Robinson created Soft Cedar to allow local musicians to push their live performance practice.  “The ambition of our local songwriters and musicians is outpacing the technical and resource capacity of many of the venues they find themselves performing in,” explains Murdoch. “They want to accomplish more onstage, but there is only so much you can do with a 15-minute sound check and a lighting plot you have no control over. We wanted to put them in the driver’s seat and see what they can achieve with a little time, resources and technical support.