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Holy Hum

Holy Hum-April 21

The York Theatre at 8 pm


holy hum

April 21 | York Theatre | 8pm


Holy Hum is the musical project of multidisciplinary artist Andrew Lee. Soft Cedar presented this very special hometown show as part of Andrew's North American tour in support of his landmark record All Of My Bodies. The ensemble featured Ryan Flowers, Rob Tornroos, Ash Poon, and Tegan Wahlgren, with visual by Kurtis Yu. Hello Blue Roses opened the show. A truly unforgettable night at the York Theatre. 

As a way of documenting the work we present on our stages and to encourage more critical writing about Vancouver's music scene, Soft Cedar asks someone to write a reflection on each event we produce. Here is artist and writer Michelle Mackenzie's piece about the April 21st event:

The Kind That Ring

A communion
of sound and stomach.

Just as nerves from the interior must also,
Music confers forms that cannot stay still,
arrangements moving time, shoring presence.
What better communion?

from scatter ground, magenta folds, ruby vibrations
from tunnels of old time and soft memory,
the water was a stereoscopic center, its pit a planetary open

the line was a pulse, each addition a greater intimacy
the spiral flickered inwards, lapping fore impassable
echo to oceanic open, quiver to the lured mountainous

How to surrender such weight,
Cohere a mourning?
When the size of our grief, the pain that is appreciation, needs to say so.

How to tone the untenable,
Or unhand a sound
When the static (its pique) is what bears us?

Each time sorrow insists on a thousand shapes.
Ventures toward the line, the curves of letters sure, mainspring projections.
It toes toward restitutive euphonies, blown necessities.

Maybe better to let blows sound.
Become hollowed instruments
Of traces we do not resolve but simply carry.

When we’re carried around the mountain,
The first signs of after, which gets a name, gets its first clothes,
And begins to try its voice.

To the welding songs
That call back a prone spring
That call them back as movement, a sum of living me.

What better communion?
What better than the animate loom,
And a place
Where the words that were given,
And the throat that was given too,
Call them back as movement, a sum of living me.

Check out Holy Hum's website here
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Thank you to Showcase Pianos for their generous support of this performance. 

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