Soft Cedar Performing Arts Society

Hannah Epperson

Hannah Epperson

The York Theatre | March 24 | 8pm

Hannah Epperson w/ sam Tudor

Mar 24 | York Theatre | 8pm


Soft Cedar was proud to present the album release party for Hannah Epperson's Slowdown on March 24th, 2018 at the York Theatre. Sam Tudor and his band opened the night. As a way of documenting the work we present on our stages and to encourage more critical writing about Vancouver's music scene, Soft Cedar asks someone to write a reflection on each event we produce. Here is Robyn Jacob's piece about Hannah Epperson's performance. Note- bolded text has been hyperlinked by the author. 


Fold lengthwise and unfold. This crease is a guide.

Though a pound of petals is a point of reference, still, almost material, immensurate, our bodies feel the incalculable weight of beauty.

Fold the top corners in so they meet at the centre.

How heavy is the elasticity of our attentions, multiplied by 200 bodies, together and apart, a natural echo between, within, reaching the past and the future.

Fold the entire top down, making sure you leave a half inch or so at the bottom.

And even, how light, the flick of a barb on a bow hair, like a wisp, a pitch of breath, said, unsaid, I say, and will, and we all.

Fold the top corners in so they meet at the middle. Allow for a small triangle to peek out from beneath the folds.

Striations layer lenses, how heavy is a view of mountains you build yourself, again, and again. A continuously rising ethereal beauty.

Fold the small triangle up to hold the previous folds in place.

How heavy is this warmth, nurture, this hope, plucked out of, tightly wound, dropped down. In a time of back break we can study the roots.

Fold in half, moving outwards, so the triangular fold is visible on the bottom edge.

Would a rare drop in the desert fall more heavily than the first tear in a year? We witness the weightless surrender. Sparks, though light, still fall. Their weight is reflected in the ripples.

Fold each wing down to meet the bottom edge.


-Robyn Jacob, March 2018

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