Soft Cedar Performing Arts Society

February 2





Khari Wendell McClelland is a diversely talented and ever-evolving artist. Originally from Detroit, Khari has become a darling on the Canadian music scene with reviewers lauding his performances as a clever mix of soul and gospel. Khari’s songwriting crosses genres and generations, joyfully invoking the spirit of his ancestors who straddled the US-Canada border in efforts to escape slavery and discrimination. His music draws from this rich history, integrating the rhythms and folklore of early African-Americans with contemporary sounds and stories of struggle.

Freedom Singer is a documentary theatre musical crafted with Toronto’s Project: Humanity. In 2015, McClelland retraced the steps of his great-great-great grandmother Kizzy and – using contemporary styles like hip-hop, funk and soul – personalized the songs that likely accompanied her and thousands of others as they escaped slavery.

The Cultch and Soft Cedar is proud to be presenting the release of the album version of this inspiring and important work. On February 2 at The York Theatre Khari will be joined by Tonye Aganaba, The Sojourners, Desiree Dawson, Jillian Christmas, and many others to release Freedom Singer and celebrate Black history and excellence.

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